The original iPad photo booth app

The iSIT app started the iPad photo booth revolution and it's still going strong. Become one of the over 2500 worldwide users for a one-time fee of only $350.

Custom Options. Solid Performance.


Wireless Printing

Our wireless print server outperforms all others with rock solid stability

Custom Layouts

Create custom layouts for printing or use our pre-designed template files.

Video Messaging

Allow guests to record video messages after their session or setup a video only station.


Guests can send their photos to their email.

Custom Screens

Customize the photo booth screen with your own custom image designs.

Green Screen

Setup a green screen and select an image to be used as the background.

Pay Per Event or Pay Once Forever

You can pay $15 per event or you can pay $350 and buy the app forever. Email us at if you have any questions.

Per Event


No Watermark

1 Device

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6 devices



Here you will be able to download all of our programs, instructions, and templates. The printing program is installable on a PC running Windows 7 or greater or Mac. You will need your own router to create a wifi connection between the iPad and your computer. The screen and layout templates allow you to create a customizable photo booth experience for the guests. This means you can make custom screens and photo booth layouts which match. The tutorial guides contain step by step instructions on all elements of the app and printing programs.

MAC Printing Windows Printing Template Files Guides

Our Story

iSIT was started a month after the launch of the iPad 2. Since 2011, iSIT has gone through numerous updates to maintain it's position as the most stable app on the market. In that time we have acquired over 2500 worldwide users, performed at nearly 350,000 events, and taken over 12 million photos. In today's market there are now dozens of other apps that have followed suit, but we are proud to see we were the first. While iSIT doesn't have all of the features of the current apps, including our soon-to-be released iPIX app, it still maintains it's position as the most stable app without needing (or using) cloud hosting.